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Overall Objective


To promote access to justice for the poor and vulnerable persons in Uganda."

The Legal Services Division aims at promoting access to justice and advocates for the best practice in the administration of justice in Uganda. Through a four track approach: provision of legal aid services to poor and vulnerable persons, the campaign against the death penalty, capacity building for the judiciary, and diversion of children and women in conflict with the law from the criminal justice system, it is envisaged that as an end result, there will be better standards of human rights observance; improved awareness of human rights and the available avenues through which to access justice by the Ugandans.

The Legal Services Division builds on the work of the preceding projects namely; Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Legal Resources, Access to Justice, and Technical and Advisory Services in partnership with the Judiciary and other stakeholders that held discussions centred on the overbearing challenge of accessing justice by ordinary people; and eradicating corruption within the judiciary. Through the range of services offered by FHRI over the years, the legal services action has contributed to increased access to justice and it has positively impacted on the lives of some of the most vulnerable and poor women, men and children.

The action has four components:

  • Legal aid assistance.
  • Campaign against the Death Penalty.
  • The Rights, Rule of Law program (RRL).
  • The Alternatives project.