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The Rights, Rule of Law program (RRL).


Objective: To promote the rule of law and protection of human rights in Uganda.

FHRI in partnership with Freedom House (US) a US based non-profit is implementing the Governing Uganda Accountably, Responsively, and Democratically (GUARD) program (2014 -2019), a USAID Rights and Rule of Law program. In collaboration with other partners, the program seeks to catalyze change in the judiciary, civil society and the media in Uganda.

Within the GUARD Consortium, FHRI contributes to the judiciary strengthening component that seeks to strengthen judicial independence and support the judiciary to consistently reach just decisions that uphold constitutional, legal and human rights of citizens. The program builds on previous FHRI initiatives on strengthening the independence of the judiciary through capacity building and the success in setting human rights standards and precedents with respect to the death penalty and pre-trial detention. The component includes the use of strategic litigation as a tool for social transformation.

The strategic litigation component has so far extended support to 3 Public Interest Litigation (PIL) matters. If successfully heard in the Constitutional Court, the cases will widen the enjoyment of the right to bail, freedom of expression, association and assembly and the right to a fair hearing. The cases seek court interpretation on a range of human rights issues, relating to bail, treason, excessive prison sentences, the trial of civilians in military courts and the legality of Local Councils I and II.