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What we do

The programme has three focus themes: Social Accountability, Equality and Democratic Governance. These are realized under seven actions namely:

  1. Research, Advocacy and Lobbying;

Objective: to influence the policy and practice change through human rights research, advocacy and lobbying.

Key activities:

  • Research and Documentation.
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Treaty Reporting
  • Policy and Law Reform
  • Transitional Justice Advocacy Campaign
  1. Legal Services;

Objective: to promote and to enhance the protection of rights of vulnerable and poor persons through provision of pro-bono legal assistance.

Key activities

  • Legal Aid Assistance
  • The Campaign Against the Death Penalty
  • Rights, Rule of Law Program
  • Alternatives Project
  1. Civic Education;

Objective: to enhance human rights and civic awareness in order to increase the demand for political and social accountability.

  1. External Services;

Objective: to improve information sharing and management, promote collective advocacy, maximize participation and build consensus on democracy and human rights issues in Uganda.

  1. Special Projects;
    1. The Paralegal Advisory Services Program (PAS),

Objective: to improve the understanding of principles and procedures of the formal criminal justice system by both users and criminal justice agencies in Uganda.


  1. Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU),

Objective: to advocate and promote integrity, transparency and active citizens’ participation in Uganda’s electoral process through: mobilizing citizens to partake in civic education, advocate for electoral reform and engage in election monitoring.

  1. Civil Society-Private-Public Sector Forum (CSPPSF);

Objective: to adopt strategies and direction for the roadmap to the development of a smart partnership of the CSPPSF

  1. Partnerships;

Objective: to work closely with other actors in order to promote adherence to human rights standards at the national and international level.

  1. Organizational Development.

Objective: to build a sustainable and innovative human rights advocacy organization in Uganda.